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Brief about Audit and Assurance Department

People often ask: Is an internal audit necessary? What if we’re a smaller organization, should we be spending our already limited resources on an internal audit?

An internal audit helps you locate areas where your business can save time and money by examining the procedures and policies in place which serves as a valuable tool for effectively and appropriately mitigating risks and also ensure timely compliances of all statutory norms.

We at C & B, will ensure that an organization is adhering to the internal control procedures as adopted by them, Are there any gaps in the policies and procedures which is implemented? Whether company fulfilling all their legal compliances in a timely manner?

Our role will be is to provide independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively, which gives assertion to the management that all required internal controls are in place and its assets are safe.

In addition to the regular compliances, will also provide valuable insight to Management by way of Management oriented report which helps them to make crucial business decisions.

Services offered:

  • Internal audit
  • GST Compliance audit
  • Process audit
  • Payroll audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Branch audit

Audit & Assurance Impact Delivered:

  • Uniquely designed transparent monthly reporting structure has helped a retailer to expand from a single location to multiple branches.
  • Through monthly expense budgeting of a client, excessive spent on packing & selling expenses was identified and significantly reduced.
  • Turnaround of Software Company from non-compliance with STPI, FEMA, TDS, to timely fulfillment of all compliances.
  • Detected cases of employee pilferages & frauds at clients through meticulous audit procedures.

Through our payroll audit, we achieved substantial reduction in employee cost.